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While kidney diseases are most often associated with living a life of poor lifestyles choices and old age, children can also suffer from a host of diseases related to their kidneys. Most commonly, the kidney diseases in children could be either congenital (present from birth ? a birth defect) such as hydronephrosis or it can be an obstruction of the urinary tract. Children are also susceptible to infections due to their underdeveloped immune systems and can contract urinary tract infections, kidney stones can arise due to inadequate hydration, renal failure as a consequence of other systemic illnesses, and other diseases and medical issues. The expertise and skills needed to treat children are very different from those needed to treat adults. Therefore, the children are treated by a dedicated and highly experienced team of paediatric nephrologists. Additionally, Narayana Health has a well-known association with new-born and child care and its hospitals are seen as centres of excellence for several specialities pertaining to children; and this includes nephrology. With highly competent and well-trained staff, modern facilities and state-of-the-art medical equipment, the nephrologists at Narayana Health are able to provide the right treatment, diagnosis, and care for any number of issues ranging from the simple to complex. Narayana Health has the best paediatric nephrologists in Mumbai. Give the hospital a call or book an appointment through the website to consult with these specialists.