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ENT doctors are doctors who specialize in diagnosing, managing and treating disorders of ear, nose and throat in adults. Sometimes, children also get such disorders, which they may or may not able to express. Pediatric otolaryngologists are specialists who know how to examine and treat children so that they feel relaxed. In addition, they also use equipment specially designed for children. Pediatric ENT doctors treat conditions such as hearing loss, ear infection, allergies, swallowing disorders, speech disorders, certain nerve disorders, sleep disorders and so forth. If you are looking for pediatric ENT help, head to Narayana Health ? a top ENT pediatric hospital in Mumbai. The pediatric ENT department offers the best treatment for common and complex ENT disorders in children, ranging from ear infections to chronic inflammatory diseases. Our expert ENT specialists can treat Sinus disease, Ear infections, Airway disorders, Congenital defects, Hearing loss, Communication disorders, Deafness, Cochlear implants, tonsillitis and so forth. If your child requires ENT surgery, you can be rest assured that our pediatric experts will make your child?s surgery as comfortable as possible. Our physicians are always engaged in research and innovation, and thus have the necessary experience and expertise to care for your child?s ENT needs.
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