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The department of paediatric dental care at Narayana Health provides all-inclusive, highly specialised, and comprehensive care for dental issues, including the common ones that occur during the growth of the child, to the more serious cases of tumours or dental damage due to trauma. Oral health care is an extremely essential part of our overall health, and instilling its importance in our children from an early age is very important, as it teaches good habits that will see benefits being reaped for a lifetime. There are many oral and dental health problems that a child can face during the formative years. If not given proper and timely care, the child will suffer from serious dental issues later in life. The paediatric dental team at Narayana Health also works closely with experts in several other associated specialities such as rheumatology, neurology, and oncology to ensure that a proper diagnosis is made and appropriate treatment is provided to the patients. Some of the more common dental problems treated at Narayana Health, Department of Paediatric Dental Sciences include - sores and tumours in the mouth that can cause immense pain and discomfort resulting in improper food consumption and eventual malnutrition, tooth decay which is commonly seen in children with poor eating habits and improper oral hygiene, oral surgery, chipped or damaged teeth, dental emergencies, and dental trauma. Narayana Health has one of the best paediatric dental departments in all of Mumbai. Book an appointment through a quick phone call or through the simple hospital website.