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Neonatology is a branch of medicine concerned with the care, development and diseases of newborn infants. Neonatologists take specialized care of newborns, especially the premature ones or the underweight ones. These physicians are trained in cutting-edge medicine to keep these infants alive and help them become healthy children. If you are looking for help, head to Narayana Health Group – a top neonatology hospital in Mumbai. Neonatology department at Narayana Health Group provides specialist care to infants who are ill or require care for a wide range of issues which include premature birth, congenital defects, and sepsis. Our neonatologists have extensive experience and training. The department is supported by qualified medical staff, and is equipped with modern medical facilities including Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) that help them to provide comprehensive care for infants. Some of the disorders treated are Neonatal jaundice (hyperbilirubinemia), Infant respiratory distress syndrome, Neonatal sepsis, Neonatal bowel obstruction, Benign neonatal seizures, Neonatal hepatitis, Neonatal hypoglycemia, Perinatal asphyxia and so forth. Babies are precious to us. Sometimes some babies may be born before the right time. But their organs like the heart, lungs, stomach, etc. may not be mature enough to function without special medical intervention. At Narayana Health Group, you can be rest assured that our neonatologists have undergone special training to evaluate and train such neonates.