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Surgery is very essential in removing tumours from a part of the body in order to stop it spreading to other parts and causing life-threatening situations for the patient. Narayana Health in Kolkata is a leading health center for treating tumours through surgeries. The oncological surgeries at our hospital are performed by the best Surgical Oncologists in Kolkata. The process of getting treated for tumours at our hospital involves getting detailed insight about the condition and the process to be followed along with knowing about the time needed for recuperation. Along with being treated by our skilled surgeons, the patients get compassionate support from our experienced nutritionists and rehab specialists for smooth operation and faster recovery. If the condition of the patient requires it, our reconstructive surgeons perform operations on the patient to restore his or her body?s appearance. Our department of Surgical Oncology handles surgeries in multiple specialities that include Sarcoma surgery, Paediatric surgery, Melanoma surgery, Hepato-pancreato- biliary (HPB) surgery, Gastric-HIPEC, Endocrine surgery, Colorectal surgery and Acute care general and palliative surgical oncology. With expert help from these sections, the patients receive high-quality surgical care that promises improved chance if survival, shorter recovery time while keeping the treatment-related side effects to the minimum.
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