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Diseases of the lungs are very complex and without proper treatment and care can lead to disastrous consequences. When you are in need of exceptional lung disorder treatment, trust Narayana Health Group, Kolkata to offer you one that is at par with world standards. Our dedicated team of experts, considered top pulmonologists in Kolkata, hold great experience in treating various lung diseases that include breathing problems brought on by allergy & asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (defect in airflow leading to shortness of breath and cough) and even snoring. Our Pulmonology Department treats a number of cases related to disorders in the respiratory tract. Pulmonology is also known as Respiratory Medicine, Thoracic Medicine, Chest Medicine and Respirology. This sub specialty of internal medicine helps heal lower airway, lungs and breathing control as well as their effect on the oxygenation of blood. The pulmonologists at Narayana Health Group in Kolkata offer comprehensive treatment to the suffering patients through a multidisciplinary approach. In this approach, they consult and take help of specialists in other departments that are related to lung conditions. So, they work in association with Bariatric Surgeons (obesity specialists) and ENT's (Ear, Nose and Throat specialists). Together these professionals treat the various ailments occurring due to punctured and defective airflow effectively.