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Our body is a complex combination of bones, muscles, tissues, blood vessels, organs, etc. These take a beating with time and age owing to factors like injuries, diseases, or environmental changes. Thus, a regular visit to a physiotherapist is recommended to restore the body?s smooth functioning and healthy lifestyle. You will find top physiotherapists in Kolkata at Narayana Hospital. Physical therapy offered at Narayana Hospital, Kolkata offers comprehensive treatment by identifying the causes of movement and functioning defects and aiming to maximize the quality of life through application of vast knowledge and advanced technology by our specialists. The treatment process involves one on one interaction between the patient and physical therapist, other health professionals, families, caregivers, etc. in order to understand the challenges faced by the patient. The physiotherapist at Narayana Health, Kolkata then drafts out a rehabilitation plan containing treatment to be followed and care to be given after the procedure is complete. Our expert doctors not only offer excellent treatment to patients but also make sure they lead a healthy life afterwards by drawing out a plan for their better and improved quality of life. Our Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Department offers the patients relief from joint, muscle and foot pain, soft tissue injuries, overuse injuries, swelling and edema, postural problems and recovery from surgery and bruising.
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