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Blood constitutes up to 7 percent of the body?s ratio. A slight increase (high blood pressure) and decrease (low blood pressure) results in disbalance in normal body functions and leads to serious ailments. Apart from these, accidents and undernourishment call for a need of blood in the body. The loss of blood or inappropriate quantity of it is considered a case of emergency. Narayana Health has top blood banks in Kolkata, Jammu, Bangalore and other cities of India. Our blood banks are one of the largest hospital-based blood banks. We, at NarayanaHospital in Kolkata, are known for our frequent conductions of irradiation of blood components and plateletpheresis. Our blood banks have skilled nurses and staff who ensure no errors take place during blood transfusion. They make sure the patient is given the right amount of and correct type of blood using strict quality control measures. We also take extra precaution and care before issuing the blood to the patients. Our blood bank in Kolkata and other cities conduct important tests that are required before blood transfusion. Apart from skilled blood transfer, Narayana Health also creates awareness among people for blood donations. We regularly hold blood donation camps to invite people to donate blood by highlighting its need and importance. This also ensures that our blood banks never run out of blood.
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