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A patient going through the life changing disease of cancer needs highly sensitive and compassionate care along with excellent treatment. Palliative care offers comfort to the patients who are going through pain and discomfort from the disease. This care aims at treating and preventing the side effects of the life-threatening disease, helping them cope with it in a much better way. The best palliative care doctors in Kolkata can be found at Narayana Health Group. Our hospital in Kolkata has a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who effectively manage and offer relief from cancer pain and other symptoms. Our specialists identify patients with pain as soon as possible and create a treatment plan to offer immediate and long-term comfort. The pain and palliative care specialists at Narayana Health Group, Kolkata have all received training in the field and have vast experience in the same. They adopt a multidisciplinary approach that allows them to work with specialists in different departments like pharmacists, psychologists, dieticians and more so as to offer a comprehensive and exceptional care to the patients. So a cancer patient being treated for pain and other symptoms at our clinic in Kolkata gets a well rounded care in areas of psychological, spiritual, social and even occupational.