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Cancer is the second leading cause of death with 9.6 million deaths reported in 2018, according to a report released by WHO. This calls for timely and effective detection and care of the disease. Narayana Hospital in Kolkata has an experienced team of oncologists who offer a wide range of non-operative cancer care services by using advanced technology and facilities. These top oncologists in Kolkata offer excellent diagnosis, planning of treatment and follow-up with chemotherapy, hormonal, biological and targeted therapy. All these treatments are non-operative i.e. therapeutic in nature and aim at prevention and care of the dangerous cell growing disease. Chemotherapy offered at Narayan Health, Kolkata uses drugs to destroy the cancer cells. There are some cancers, like Breast, Prostate or Ovarian, use hormones present in the body to grow and spread. Hormonal Therapy is used to treat these cancers by blocking or reducing the hormones to slow down the growth of cancer cells through medicines. Immunotherapy or Biological Therapy is performed to improve the body?s ability to fight against the destructive cancer cells. The therapy strengthens the patient?s immune system through drugs, dendritic cell therapy or cancer vaccines. Targeted Therapy is an unconventional oncology treatment of cancer. It stops the growth of cancer by targeting the specific genes or proteins found in the cancer cells in the body.
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