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General surgery is the usage of surgical procedures to treat diseases of the regions in the abdomen that include oesophagus, stomach, colon, liver, gallbladder, bile duct, breast, thyroid gland and hernias. Narayana Health in Kolkata has a General Surgery Department with highly experienced senior surgeons and skilled staff. Our team of best general surgeons in Kolkata and support staff provide superior surgical treatment to the patient going through these diseases. We, at Narayana Hospital, Kolkata use highly advanced technique for procedures like GI Surgery & Laparoscopic Surgery, Laparoscopic Appendectomy, Bariatric Surgery including Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Bypass Surgery, Diagnostic Laparoscopy, General Surgery including cyst removals, incision & drainage of abscesses, Abdominal Surgery, Advanced Haemorrhoidal Surgery, Advanced Hernia Repair & Hydrocele Surgery (adult and paediatric) and Gallbladder Surgery. For treatments that require the hand of more than one kind of specialist, our surgeons collaborate with other departments for a treatment that is at par with international standards. The specialists they work with include experts in hepato-biliary, pancreatic and colorectal surgery, venaes and arterial surgery, breast and endocrine surgery and laparoscopic surgical techniques. Our general surgeons also possess expertise in using the highly beneficial laparoscopic surgical techniques. This technique offers advantages like smaller incisions, reduced post-operative discomfort, faster recovery, shorter hospital stay plus less blood loss and minimal scars.
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