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With increasing diseases, accidents, infections, the need for correct and expert diagnostic and care is growing rampantly. For accurate diagnosis and excellent services, head to Narayana Health, Kolkata?s advanced lab. It is touted as one of the top diagnostic centers in Kolkata with an infrastructure and facilities that are avant-garde. The lab at Narayana Health in Kolkata and its other city centers is among the most efficient laboratory medicine setups in India. The aim of Narayana Health is to offer high-quality laboratory diagnostic services with minimal inconveniences to our patients. The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art auto analyzers with lab interfacing and integrated system for effective analysis of the patient?s samples. The labs have multiple multitude specialty departments that cater to both routine and special diagnostic requirements of the hospital. These include Biochemistry, Cytogenetics, Haematology, Histopathology, Metabolixc, Microbiology/Serology and Molecular Genetics. Narayana Health always strives to offer world class laboratory diagnostic. And we also take care to make our services largely affordable, making us the most sought-after for diagnostic center in the country. Apart from accurate diagnosis of a disease, our advanced laboratory also covers consultative services to help our patients have a one on one detailed conversation with our experts about their condition and the care to be taken.
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