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  • Dr. Champai Saren

    Dr. Champai Saren

    Senior Consultant MBBS, MS, DNB (Urology)(2012)

    • SpecialityUrology

    • HospitalJamshedpur - Brahmananda Narayana Multispeciality Clinic, Jamshedpur - Brahmananda Narayana Multispeciality Hospital

    • Jamshedpur
Urology departments are vital for the healthcare system as it deals with the most infectious part of the human anatomy - the genitourinary tract. This system is an amalgamation of the urinary system consisting of the urinary bladder, rectum etc. and the male female genital system having the vagina, testes, scrotum etc. They are closely connected and any problems in any of these organs can affect the other. Various fungal and bacterial complications happen in these areas. Also life threatening sex related disease such as herpes, gonorhea, HPV etc effects this system. Keeping this in mind, urologists work becomes all the more difficult and complicated which exceeds the perimeter of regular genitourinary problems. This is the reason most hospitals in cities come equipped with the best urologists near me answer. Jamshedpur is no stranger to that as it has a range of urology departments in hospitals. Narayana Superspeciality Hospital department deserve special mention here as they have the best urologists in tmh Jamshedpur who have gained the patients trust and regularly diagnose and treat complex urogenital problems. Their well trained doctors and technicians forms the basis of the high class facility which often gets the services of the best urologists in India. This has made them a trusted healthcare service provider in this region. If you want to avail a quality genitourinary treatment then please schedule an appointment with their Urology department by giving a call or book online.