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Pathology department form an integral part of the hospital and health care system. No matter which part of the hospital it is, one can't run a hospital without running diagnostic tests and for that hospital needs diagnostic centres or pathology departments. These departments come equipped with high tech equipment like blood sampling machine, haemocytometer etc. A team of qualified technicians and biochemists are involved in collecting samples from patients testing the prescribed tests including blood tests, hormonal tests, diabetes, lipid profile, genetic disorders, diseases such as dengue, hiv, and many other things. It's the backbone of the hospital and runs in close cooperation with the other departments in the hospital. Jamshedpur like any other city has a range of diagnostic centres and pathology department but the one that takes the crown is the Narayana Superspeciality Hospital's Pathology department. It's high tech facilities coupled with qualified technicians makes it the top diagnostic centre in Jamshedpur. With them at your service you are assured of a prompt and hassle free testing with real time report delivery. All this garnered the faith of the patients which can be seen by reputed clientele that they boast of. If you're looking for an excellent diagnostic centre in Jamshedpur then you should schedule an appointment with the Pathology department by giving a call or booking online.