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Microbial diseases and infections are a healthcare problem for many. In fact, these are the infections which causes epidemics like plague, virus outbreak, food poisoning etc. Thus the necessity of microbiology department in hospitals can't be denied. It's the one and only department which forms the basis of public health in times of disease outbreaks. There's a range of known and unknown bacterial, fungal and viral infections which pose a public healthcare problem. This department with its modern equipment and trained medical professionals come equipped with culturing, studying, diagnosing and finding a line of cure for these known unknown microbial diseases. A fair share of epidemiological studies and Research & Development work is done by this department. Outstation work of sampling, disease awareness and prevention along with quarantining the infected also falls in their line of work. Jamshedpur city too has its microbiology departments in many hospitals of which the Narayana Health Group's Microbiology department is the best. Being a Superspeciality Hospital with the best and world class equipment in the country, they have the facilities that many don't and since this department needs considerable culturing and R&D work it's important to have good facilities. All this has made them the ideal microbiology department across all hospitals in Jamshedpur. Keeping this in mind, they have employed the best microbiologists and epidemiologists in town for their department which has made them the best hospital in this region. If you're suffering from any microbial disease it's best to consult their Microbiology department by giving them a call on the given number or by fixing an appointment online!