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Health and nutrition go hand in hand, and that’s why most of the health issues we face have a root in our nutrition and dietary habits. To counter this, most hospitals have a Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics department whose primary objective is to help patients meet their dietary needs by suggesting a viable and efficient diet and nutrition plan that goes well with their lifestyle. Most people nowadays lead a sedentary lifestyle which lacks proper exercise, leading to obesity and obesity-related health problems including cardiac problems, diabetes, cholesterol etc. Nutritionists and Dieticians of this department work hand-in-hand with other doctors such as cardiologists to develop the dietary chart and other nutritional requirements of patients. Narayana Health Group, who have pioneered health care service in India, have also employed the services of Nutritionists and Dieticians in the city. With a team of top quality nutritionists and dieticians, the Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics department of Narayana Health Group has become the best in town. Their specialists can consult with patients undergoing any procedures to appraise them of the best diet that needs to be followed. To consult with these well trained certified nutritionists, please make an appointment online or by giving us a call.