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Anaesthesia is an important field of pre-operative procedures in medical treatments, especially during surgery and operations. The primary role of this department is pain relief and palliative services which makes the patients' pain more bearable while undergoing surgery and other operations. Hospitals in Jamshedpur offer anaesthetics and critical care services to patients by assessing the risk and optimising the patients’ conditions during surgery. Their whole concentration lies in the service of numbing the senses during surgery so that the treatment becomes painless. Apart from this preoperative help, this unit also has post-operative services which involve the critical care of post-surgery patients. Any impaired functions and disabilities that may have occurred due to operations are subjected to treatment by this critical care unit. Narayana Health Group, a pioneering hospital and medical care unit in Jamshedpur, has well-equipped anaesthesia and critical care facilities which take care of your surgery woes and ensures you undergo a pain-free treatment in the operating theatre. Their world-class facility and top-rated skilled medical practitioners and physicians ensure a viable medical operation. Their efficiency and effort are shown by their constant quality patient care and customer support because of which they are regarded as one of the top hospitals in Jamshedpur. To schedule an appointment with their Anaesthesia & Critical Care department, please call on the given number or make an online booking.