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Skeleton bones, muscles, cartilage, ligaments, joints and other connective tissues in the human body form a system which is called as musculoskeletal system. It is responsible for our body’s fine balance, form, support and movement. The diagnosis and correction of any defect in this system is called as Orthopaedics. Looking for the best Orthopaedics doctor in Jammu? You are at the right place! Narayana Health Group, Jammu offers the best Orthopaedic treatment and services. Our orthopaedic doctors offer personalised care to their patients by using latest research and evidence-based medicine. Our specialities lie in joint, knee, hip and shoulder replacement, arthritis and custom implant surgeries. We also offer treatment for painful and traumatic sports related injuries that are handled by our skilled sports medicine team and surgeons. The procedures that take place routinely at our hospital in Jammu include arthroscopy, knee, shoulder and ankle arthroscopy, recurrent shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff repair, subacromial decompression, Msaicrominal and articular cartilage implantation. For serious injuries on the hand & upper limb, our expert team performs a number of procedures, some of which include management of hand fractures, soft tissues of hand, nerve repair, reconstruction and tumours of hand and upper limb. A trained team of surgeons from India and abroad work at the department of orthopaedics at our Narayana Health Group, Jammu and other city centres.