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The mortality rate of humans is on a major high. Every 3rd person is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease today. Call it the causes of stress and sedentary lifestyle, it seems we are not taking our lives seriously. Whether we take them seriously or not, someone out there is. Anaesthesia, coupled with Critical Care Medicine, is proving to be a lifesaver for critically ill patients. This technology-based healthcare advancement is offering a ray of hope to patients under threat of succumbing to terminal diseases. Anaesthesia is, as we all know, a type of medicine that is injected in a particular part of a patient’s body to immune it against pain. It proves extremely helpful during difficult operations and surgeries. The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is where this treatment is performed by expert hands. If you are looking for Anaesthesia or Critical Care for yourself or a loved one in Jammu, Narayana Health Group is the right choice. Narayana Health Group in Jammu has professional Anaesthesiologists and Critical Care experts and is amongst the best hospitals in Jammu. The hospital has a history of top-notch patient care brought on by its specialised doctors and excellent services. You can easily schedule your appointment by calling us or booking on our website.