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If you notice any kind of tumours developing in the head and neck portions of your body, there maybe chances that you have contracted head and neck cancer. Head & Neck Surgery - Oncology is the branch of medicine that studies cancer affecting regions such as mouth, throat, larynx, nose, and salivary glands. The doctors who perform surgical interventions in these conditions are known as head and neck oncology surgeons. Narayana Health Group's medical staff includes some of the best head and neck oncologists in India. Our head and neck oncology doctors perform a number of head and neck surgery procedures for diseases such as oral cancer, laryngeal cancer, pharyngeal cancer, thyroid cancer, nasal cavity & paranasal sinus cancers, parathyroid tumours, and salivary gland tumours. If you're looking for a head and neck surgeon near you, give us a call or book your appointment online.