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Urology is a branch of medicine focusing on the treatment of conditions involving the urinary tract and the reproductive organs in human beings. Urologists are trained to treat such disorders. These disorders can involve multiple organs like kidneys, the ureters, the bladder, the adrenal glands and the urethra. Urology involves the management of conditions such as urinary tract infection, bladder cancer, stress incontinence, and so forth. If you are looking for the best urology hospital in Guwahati, head to Narayana Health Group. The hospital is renowned for offering a wide range of basic and specialized urological investigations and treatments. Our urology department also conducts tests such as video urodynamics and template prostate biopsy. Most of our urologists are the proud recipients of many awards of recognitions in the field of urology. Our team of the best urologists specialize in uro-oncology, robotic surgery, minimally invasive surgeries, pediatric urology, reconstructive urology, neuropathology, and other allied fields. Our specialists have many years of experience in dealing with various urological problems affecting ureters. To provide you with the best possible treatment, we have the latest technological facilities and equipment. Some of our services and facilities are andrology, female urology, neuro-urology, reconstructive urology, and so forth.