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Neurology is a branch of medicine focusing on disorders related to the nervous system. Some disorders may be prevalent from birth, some may be hereditary and others can be triggered by a sudden onset of injury or illness. There are more than 470 neurological conditions. Conditions like stroke and head injury may recover with the correct treatment and support. Others like muscular dystrophy and motor neurone disease are degenerative, and some may even result in disability. Cerebral stroke is a major cause of disability. Narayana Health Group is a top neurology hospital in India. The hospital offers latest techniques like a temporary endovascular bypass, an interventional neurological procedure that is used for the treatment of acute stroke or epilepsy. We offer comprehensive packages for epileptic care services, cerebral stroke programs, including rehabilitation and evaluation of complex neuromuscular disorders for which a recommended course of neurological disorders treatment is followed. Our team is made of some of the neurologists who are experienced in treating neurological disorders and diseases including autism, learning disabilities, epilepsy, dizziness and fainting, a persistent backache and spine problems and so forth. We also offer interventional neurology that uses invasive and image-based technologies and procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of blood vessels of brain and spinal cord (neurovascular diseases). Neuro rehabilitation is also offered for patients with a traumatic case history.