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Physiotherapy and rehabilitation aids to improve the quality of life of a patient post-surgery and in certain diseases. The basic difference between physiotherapy and rehabilitation is that the former is a practice to help to restore the normal functioning of the muscles by helping it in movement while the latter is a part of physiotherapy that helps a patient to recover after normal functioning after an injury and surgery. Physiotherapists work in consultation with doctors of different speciality in accordance with the case of the patient. To ensure perfect results from the course of treatment and physiotherapy, proper planning needs to be done. One depends on another in most cases. At times the physiotherapy starts after the treatment is over as in cases of surgeries but some physiotherapy sessions go hand in hand with the treatment. Top physiotherapists in the NCR work in Narayana hospital in Gurugram and strive to give the most satisfactory results for the betterment of the patient. Without risking any complication, the therapy sessions include mobilisation programmes which suit the patient best. To book an appointment with the physiotherapist in this hospital, one just needs to make a call or use the official website of the hospital.
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