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Orthopaedics is the branch of medical science, that deals in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of patients suffering from skeletal conditions. The medical conditions can occur in the bones, tendons, ligaments, joints, muscles, nerves and skin which combine to make the musculoskeletal system of the body. It is due to this system, that the body is able to perform functions of movement. Orthopaedic ailments can occur to people of any age and it can be congenital too. An orthopaedic doctor treats orthopaedic medical conditions that can be caused due to accidents also. Athletes and persons involved in sports, both professionally or otherwise tend to suffer a lot at times due to orthopaedic problems. The Narayana Health Group in Gurugram is a state-of-art hospital with all the latest in equipment and technology. Some of the common procedures that they conduct in the orthopaedic department are hip replacements, arthroscopy, rotator cuff repair, various knee problems, problems in the joints, articular cartilage implantation, sport-related injuries, custom implant surgeries etc. With a team consisting of top-notch orthopaedics, this hospital provides utmost care to its patients in an afforable cost. If you are suffering from any orthopaedic medical conditions, you can easily book an appointment with one of the reputed orthopaedics in this hospital.