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Neurosurgery is the branch of medical science that involves the diagnosis and treatment of ailments related to the brain, spinal cord & spinal column a peripheral nerves inside all the parts of the body. Types of neurosurgery treatment may be operative or non-operative (surgical and non-surgical) and are decided upon the form of neurological ailment/disease the patient is suffering from. Along with the diagnosis of the neurological problem and the necessary treatment, prevention of any neurological disorder is also an important aspect of neurosurgeons. Rehabilitation after the treatment is another aspect that these specialists need to focus on. Often they need to work in collaboration of doctors of other specialities or vice-versa for the treatment of the patients suffering from neurological disorders. The Narayana hospital in Gurugram houses one of the best neurosurgeon teams in the country. The hospital has the best and the latest in equipment with a fully trained and experienced team of health professionals and support staff. The aim of the hospital is to provide the best possible treatment and care to their patients at affordable costs. The neurosurgical intensive care unit runs a neuro-rehabilitation program for the patients post their operation which is an essential part of the completion of treatment. One can easily book an appointment with the neurosurgeon of one?s choice at this hospital via the phone or website.

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