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The branch of medical science that deals with conducting images processing with the aim to obtain images inside the body is referred to as interventional radiology. The interventional radiologists then interpret the images of the patient to diagnose the cause of illness or injury. The interventional radiology training of doctors includes being able to interpret scans, X-Rays, ultrasound, MRIs, fluoroscopy results and CT. These experts also perform procedures like organ biopsies, inserting stents etc. The treatment of medical conditions in this branch of medicine is done with the aid of needles, wires and catheters. If the patient is treated by these methods, there is no need or the surgical or laparoscopic methods of treatment. Hence, there are lesser risks involved if this mode of treatment is used Almost images of all body organ system can be taken by the varied equipment of this department. Some of the medical conditions that can be treated by interventional radiologists are varicose veins, bile duct blocks, local control for the larger tumours, ischaemic diabetic foot, gastrointestinal bleeds, ureteric blocks etc. This department in the Narayana Health Group in Gurugram is well-equipped with the latest technological equipment. With the aim to reduce the risk to the patient due to their medical condition, the best interventional radiologists at this hospital have years of experience.