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  • Dr. Shilpi Sharma

    Dr. Shilpi Sharma

    Consultant M.B.B.S, MS, DNB, Fellow (Head & Neck Oncology) M.Ch Head and Neck Surgery

    • SpecialityHead & Neck Surgery - Oncology, Oncology, Surgical Oncology

    • HospitalGurugram - Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Gurugram

    • Gurugram
Patients suffering from cancer in the salivary glands, pharynx, larynx, thyroid, parathyroid gland and oral cavity are treated by head and neck oncologists. The treatment of such conditions in patients includes radiation therapy, reconstructive surgery, neuroradiology, voice restoration among others. Narayana Health Group in Gurugram has well-equipped Head & Neck Surgery - Oncology department which is considered as one of the best in India. In this department, a team of the best oncologists form part of the team that treat patients with this medical condition. This department in the hospital also has a thyroid clinic attached to it for the treatment of patients with thyroid problems and high risk of being diagnosed with cancer in the future. The dedicates staff, health care professionals and talented doctors take care of every need of the patient starting first with a thorough check-up using the up to date and the latest equipment. Counselling is a key feature throughout. With the aim of the team of oncologists treating the cases is to give as much quality of life back to the patient. If you or your dear or near ones suffer from this type of cancer, you can easily book an appointment with the doctors in this hospital.

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