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Dermatology and cosmetology are different to one another in the sense that the former is a branch of medical science that deals with the ailments related to the skin and its cure while the latter is a study of various procedures and treatments that enhance, application of which will enhance the physical beauty of the one undertaking it. Though both a dermatologist and cosmetologist works with skin, they are poles apart in the work they conduct. Skin is the main organ of our body and a dermatologist works in keeping it healthy with patients with the diagnosis of the condition and then treating it with proper treatments. Narayana Health Group in Gurugram is a multispeciality hospital with both one of the top dermatology and cosmetology departments in the country. The services they offer in dermatology are dermatosurgery, allergy-related treatments, venereology, pediatric dermatology among others. Under the cosmetology department, they treat patients with problems of acne, corns, warts, scars and more. Treatment of skin cancer also comes under the category of dermatology. Melanoma, Lymphomas, Basal cell carcinoma are a common type of skin cancer that is treated by the specialized dermatologist at this hospital. If you are facing some skin-related problems or issues, you can book an online appointment with our experienced doctors of dermatology and our cosmetologists. The appointment for any medical conditions of dermatology and cosmetology can be booked via phone too. If you are not able to distinguish as to who to consult with your problem, then the customer care executive will guide you on this.