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  • Dr. Vivek Chaturvedi

    Dr. Vivek Chaturvedi

    Senior Consultant - Cardiology & Director - Electrophysiology MD, DM, MNAMS, FACC

    • SpecialityCardiology - Adult, Cardiology - Paediatric, Electrophysiology

    • HospitalGurugram - Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Gurugram

    • Gurugram
Electrophysiology is an examination performed on a patient to determine the electrical activity of the heart. Abnormal heartbeats i.e. arrhythmia if any is diagnosed with this test which comes under the branch of neuroscience. A catheter and wire electrodes are inserted into the patient to get the results. The Narayana Health Group in Gurugram has one of the best electrophysiology labs in the country. They provide thorough treatment to the patients suffering from arrhythmia with their team of well-experienced and trained professionals who serve the community with dedication and care. It comes under the branch of cardiologists where electrophysiologists are specialized in electrophysiology and its treatment. The treatment involves the implantation of pacemakers and defibrillators if need be. With the presence of other departments in this hospital, the patients if suffering from any other medical conditions due to problems related with arrhythmias can simultaneously be treated with the specialists in that department and it would be a well planned out and comprehensive treatment of the patient. If this condition is not diagnosed and treated, it can lead to serious medical conditions such as stroke, heart failure and cardiac arrest in the patients. Hence, if you feel any difficulty in breathing or difference in your heartbeats, consult the specialists at Narayana Health Group, Gurgaon who are well-equipped in equipment and technology along with their experienced specialists to diagnose and treat this condition.