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A cardiac surgeon handles all kinds of heart issues that require surgical intervention. The cardiac surgery department at Narayana Health Group is specialised in all kinds of cardiac surgery and is renowned world over for handling complicated cardiac issues. The hospital has highly experienced cardiac specialists who conduct some of the world's largest number of heart surgeries. Cutting edge techniques and a huge host of specialists give every patient the advantage of superior therapy. Narayana Health also provides preventive care for disorders of the heart and the vascular system. The expertise of the cardiac surgeons includes surgery for all sorts of cardiovascular illnesses such as heart failure, aneurysms, pulmonary embolisms, and coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). Narayana Health Group also handles the Ross Procedure which is a pulmonary autograft where the person’s damaged aortic valve is replaced with the patient’s own pulmonary valve. Narayana Health Group has also built a name in treating complicated valve repair procedures. Narayana Health Group has the best cardiac surgeons in Durgapur. They have arguably the highest success rate among cardiac surgeries in India; and the care is comparable to the best healthcare centres and hospitals anywhere in the world. Book an appointment with the Narayana Health Group, Durgapur and have any heart related woes taken care of at the earliest. An appointment can be made either through a phone call or the website.