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Cardiac diseases among the demographic under the age of 18 years are rising at an exponential rate. Lifestyle changes and modern stresses are chiefly to blame. Some other causes responsible for this are: a genetic predisposition to heart disease, unhealthy lifestyle practices carried out by the family, smoking and/or drinking by the mother during pregnancy. Cardiac diseases in the paediatric age group can take any form, ranging from the minor to more serious diseases that may need long term medication or surgical intervention. Narayana Health Group provides the following services via the department of paediatric cardiology: diagnostic EP studies, catheter ablation for the treatment of arrhythmias, resynchronisation therapy, implantation of pacemakers and defibrillators and continuous monitoring of the implants. Narayana Health focuses on prompt and timely treatment of all ailments, to minimise morbidity. This is accomplished with the team of highly experienced paediatric cardiologists. Narayana Health Group has an electrophysiological study centre that has been specially allocated for the diagnosis of conduction defects in the heart resulting in arrhythmias. Narayana Health has also pioneered non-surgical extraction of infected leads in the country. All cardiac emergencies are handled in the state-of-the-art Intensive Coronary Care Unit (ICCU). Narayana Health Group has the best paediatric cardiologists in Dharwad. An appointment is just a phone call or a click away.

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