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Paediatric cardiac surgery specialises in surgically treating heart conditions in children (this includes anyone below the age of 18 years). Narayana Health Group has specialists in all areas of cardiac surgery and is therefore known world over for proficiency in handling complicated cardiac conditions. The department has a team of highly qualified cardiac surgeons who perform a high volume of interventions and surgeries on a daily basis. Modern techniques and highly experienced surgeons give the patients a very essential advantage. Another advantage is the availability of high-quality surgical practices; and also preventive medicine for diseases of the heart and the blood vessels. Narayana Health Group has an unmatched paediatric cardiac surgery department when compared with the other hospitals of mention in the nation. Children from all over the world (over 75 countries) afflicted with various congenital heart diseases have obtained successful therapy from Narayana Health Group. The services offered include non-invasive diagnostic procedures, cardiac catheterisations, and cardiothoracic surgeries. Of all the cardiac surgeries performed at Narayana Health, 40% have been on neonates and children with complicated cardiac conditions. The experts at Narayana Health Group are especially proficient at valve repair surgeries and the correction of congenital birth defects. Narayana Health Group has the best paediatric cardiac surgeons in Dharwad. An appointment can be made with these proficient doctors either by calling the hospital, or through the hospital website.

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