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A cardiac surgeon conducts surgeries on the heart and the great vessels. Cardiac surgeries are necessary to treat the sequelae of ischemic heart disease, to repair congenital heart diseases, or in treating heart valve diseases due to various causes, including rheumatic heart disease, atherosclerosis, and endocarditis. Heart transplantations are also undertaken by cardiac surgeons. The types of cardiac surgeries are: open heart surgery - this is any type of cardiac surgery that requires the chest to be opened to gain access, heart transplants - this procedure is advised only in very serious situations and requires the co-ordinated effort of many departments due to the high risk involved, coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) - this procedure is performed in patients with blocked blood vessel leading to the heart. The aim of CABG is to re-establish the normal blood supply to the heart. Minimally invasive surgeries are performed whenever possible using a camera called an endoscope and other specialized tools. Robot-assisted heart surgeries are gaining popularity due to the improved accuracy. Narayana Health Group, Dharwad has a reputation for high quality cardiac care. The department of cardiac surgery provides excellent healthcare. Narayana Health Group has some of the best cardiac surgeons in Dharwad. The surgeons have the best medical facilities at their disposal. Appointment can be made through a simple call to the hospital or through the website.