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  • Dr. Prakash V S

    Dr. Prakash V S

    Professor & HOD- Department of Cardiology MD, DM, FISE, FSCAI, FACC, FESC

    • SpecialityCardiology - Adult, Electrophysiology

    • HospitalBangalore - M S Ramaiah Narayana Heart Centre, M S Ramaiah Nagar, Dharwad - SDM Narayana Heart Centre

    • Bangalore
An electrophysiology (EP) test is conducted to evaluate the functioning of the heart?s electrical system. This test is used to detect and diagnose abnormalities in the heart beat, called arrhythmias. The test is conducted by inserting catheters and electrodes into the heart, through which the electrical activity of the heart is measured. The catheters are introduced through large blood vessels. An electrophysiologist is also a cardiologist whose area of specialisation is the electrical activity of the heart. Their field of work heavily overlaps with that of a cardiac surgeon, in treating arrhythmias and also in the implanting of pacemakers and defibrillators. At Narayana Health, patients with heart rhythm issues will receive all-inclusive care. The department of electrophysiology at Narayana Health, Dharwad is filled with experienced professionals whose abilities are magnified by the cutting edge facilities at their disposal. Electrophysiology services are a boon to numerous patients who suffer from cardiac ailments; early diagnosis minimises the chance of morbidity. These services are provided in conjunction with other departments, allowing for a more comprehensive and accurate diagnosis, and specialised therapy. The most common procedure performed by an electrophysiologist is a minimally invasive procedure called an EP study. Narayana Health, Dharwad has the best electrophysiologists in Dharwad. To book an appointment, make a quick phone call or do it through the hospital website.
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