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Medical oncology is a diverse specialisation that is related to the treatment of cancer. This specialisation uses chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormonal therapy, and targeted therapy to treat cancer effectively. Medical oncology functions in association with surgical oncology and with radio-oncology. This ensures the best medical outcome. Medical oncology requires the expertise of an oncologist whose primary focus is the treatment of cancer, but also provides the patient diagnosed with cancer medical assistance, like palliative care and pain relief. The field of oncology in general has three major branches: medical, surgical, and radio-oncology. A medical oncologist is responsible for finding ways to treat the cancer using chemical or other non-surgical methods. When mere medical intervention is not sufficient, a surgical oncologist is brought in. An oncologist may also perform biopsies that help solidify the diagnosis. The department of medical oncology at Narayana Health Group is the best because it has an amalgamation of the best, most experienced doctors and cutting edge technology that make therapy effective. The experts here provide the best possible treatment with their non-operative cancer care. Narayana Health Group has the best medical oncology department in Delhi and they help many live their lives confidence and dignity, even after being diagnosed with cancer. Get in touch with the hospital today and book an appointment with the top medical oncologists in Delhi. An appointment can be made either through a phone call or the hospital website.