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Interventional radiology is a sub-specialisation of medicine that chiefly involves the various imaging procedures, like an X-ray, or an MRI. This specialisation aims to learn and understand the structure and the function of the body. An interventional radiologist is the specialist that specifically deals with obtaining images of the internal organs. The radiologist later interprets these images and identifies any underlying disease or injury that could be a cause of a concern. A series of interventional medical procedures are also performed on patients while focusing on helping them heal quickly effectively, this serves the purpose of constantly assessing the progress and efficacy of the treatment. Techniques such as X-rays, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), fluoroscopy, CT scans, and ultrasounds are used by interventional radiologists. The interventional radiologist performs a wide variety of procedures such as treating tumours, analysis of organ biopsies, carotid stenting, biliary drainage, pleural aspiration, and intra-articular injections. The dedicated team of interventional radiologists at Narayana Health Group utilises minimally invasive imaging-guided procedures to diagnose and effectively treat major diseases. The advantages of this medical process include rapid recovery and return to normal daily activities, reduced pain, and shorter hospital stays. Narayana Health Group has the top interventional radiologists in Delhi. Book an appointment online or give the hospital a call to schedule an appointment right away.