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General surgery is specialisation that chiefly focuses on abdominal contents; this includes the stomach, small intestine, large intestine, appendix, bile ducts, and the oesophagus. Surgery also covers other vital areas, such as the various diseases related to the skin that require surgery (ulcers, melanomas tumours), breast, soft tissues all over the body, the different kinds of hernia, and peripheral vascular surgery. General surgery has a diverse set of sub-divisions that include, but are not restricted to: trauma surgery, laparoscopic surgery, colorectal surgery, breast surgery, vascular surgery, and lastly transplant surgery. Surgical oncology, cardiothoracic surgery, and paediatric surgery are super specialisations that require a surgeon’s expertise. These kinds of surgery mainly require the expert consultation and treatment of a general surgeon who is trained in the appropriate preoperative, operative, and postoperative management modalities. The General surgery department at Narayana Health Group comprises a team of highly experienced surgeons, and highly trained and professional staff. A centre of medical excellence with a wide network of branches across India, Narayana Health Group is a one-stop destination for the treatment of different surgical ailments. The team offers state-of-the-art gastrointestinal surgery, laparoscopic surgery, diagnostic laparoscopy, advanced haemorrhoidal surgery, gallbladder surgery, pancreatic surgery, colorectal surgery, and breast and endocrine surgery. Contact the hospital today to book an appointment with one of the best general surgeons in Delhi. Appointments can be made through a simple phone call or the hospital website.