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The soft, fatty tissue inside your bones is called the bone marrow, and they contain stem cells. The primary function of the bone marrow is generating blood cells. The stem cells form into red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body, white blood cells that fight infections and platelets that help you from bleeding by clotting. If the bone marrow is damaged, then you would require a transplant. Bone marrow transplant is a procedure in which damaged bone marrow is replaced by healthy bone marrow stem cells. The transplant is of two kinds -- Autologous bone marrow transplant and Allogenic bone marrow transplant. Narayana Health Group is one of the top places that offer the best bone marrow transplant in Delhi. We have a stronghold on stem cell research and some of the best doctors in the field. Narayana Health Group is the right choice as we house modern equipment and excellent personnel to cater to all of our patients' health needs. Visit any of our hospitals in the Delhi region to learn more about bone marrow transplant and its treatment. To book an appointment with an expert doctor of your preference,go online or give us a call.

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