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An important procedure in surgery and other medical procedures is being anesthetised. Anesthesia refers to an induced state of loss of sensation for a short period. This helps a patient from experiencing pain that is commonly associated with the operation and also helps them to recover with minimal complications. General anaesthesia, regional anaesthesia and local anaesthesia are the different types of anaesthesia used during a medical procedure. Anaesthetic gases or drugs are administered to make a patient unconscious or to paralyse a part of their body during surgery. The dosage of these drugs is directed by an anesthesiologist. Head to Narayana Health Group, a chain of multispeciality hospitals, if you are looking for anesthesiologists. Known for its excellent healthcare services, the hospital chain has some of the best anesthesiologists in Delhi and the country. Narayana Health Group has the most trustworthy Anesthesia & Critical Care wing in Delhi. They are one of the few finest hospitals in the region of Delhi to have an exemplary record in patient care. With competent doctors and state-of-the-art medical infrastructure, Narayana Health Group hospital offers healthcare services at reasonable prices. Book online or give us a call to schedule an appointment with an Anaesthesia & Critical Care doctor of your preference.