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An anaesthesiologist is responsible for ensuring the safety of the patient during surgery. The anaesthesiologist gives drugs that ensure a pain-free surgery and comfort of the patient. The various types of anaesthesia available are: general anaesthesia – which puts the patient in a sleep-like state and the patient feels no pain or apprehension, sedation – here the patient is a little more aware, regional anaesthesia – here a local relief from pain is achieved. The anaesthetist meets and evaluates the patient prior to the surgery, and using the findings chalks out an appropriate treatment plan with the surgical team. This is to ensure patient readiness for the surgery. Ensuring the smooth running of the surgery is top priority. Additionally, the anaesthesiologist works on reducing post-surgical pain and discomfort. But, an anaesthesiologist’s role spreads beyond just during the surgery. They are strongly involved in a number of other procedures; like evaluating patients in critical care units, handling emergencies, and providing pain management advice to chronically ill patients. The anaesthesiologist provides the care necessary to avoid the anguish that accompanies a surgical procedure. Narayana Health Group, Davangere has a very reputable anaesthesiology department. Narayana Health Group provides exceptional healthcare, with healthcare providers whose primary concern is the comfort and wellbeing of the patient. Narayana Health Group has the best anaesthesiologists in Devangere with state-of-the-art medical facilities at their disposal. Give the hospital a call to book an appointment. Appointments can also be made through the website.