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Majorly responsible for blood and oxygen circulation in the human body, the heart is regarded as a key organ. It is prone to a host of primary, and secondary ailments and appropriate and on-time care must be undertaken to ensure good heart health. Late diagnosis and lack of proper care may further aggravate the condition. Narayana Health Group is regarded among the top brands when it comes to offering top-notch heart healthcare. We at Narayana Health Group boast of round the clock exquisite heart healthcare services across our PAN India presence. Our team of top heart doctors is available on-demand to serve patients with a wide range of heart health challenges. Schedule an appointment with our cardiologists to find out if you have high blood pressure, cholesterol, or other factors that may elevate your risks of heart issues.

Our team of some of the best cardiologists in India aims to deliver exquisite heart care services 24/7 to the patients in a convenient, and affordable manner. While chest pain, dizziness, headaches, and fatigue may indicate a host of health-related issues, our heart doctors can help patients identify if these are the early indicators of heart issues. The chances of being prone to heart issues amplify with age as arrhythmia is quite a common occurrence in ageing people though it’s not uncommon in people of middle age as well. Excess cholesterol and build-ups around the arteries around the heart may lead to plaque formations in the artery, thus restricting the blood flow and a range of heart issues.

If you or your loved ones are experiencing signs such as your heart is skipping a beat, fluttering in the heart, and shortened breathing, consult our heart specialists in your city without any delay. We are committed to assisting you every step of the way from diagnosing the underlying signs, devising a treatment roadmap to help you throughout the recovery process. Our team of heart specialist doctors can also guide you on precautionary measures to keep your heart healthy such as nutritious diets, consistent exercises, physical activities, and healthy lifestyle choices.

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