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Pulmonology is a branch of medicine that focuses on the respiratory system. This specialty is also known as respiratory medicine, thoracic medicine, and so forth. The major parts of this system are the airway, the lungs, and the respiratory muscles. Pulmonologists are doctors who diagnose and treat respiratory disorders in children and adults. These disorders can be structural, infectious, inflammatory, autoimmune and neoplastic (having to do with a tumor). In certain cases, this can even extend to the cardiovascular system and conditions like a pulmonary vascular disease. If you are looking for specialized pulmonary treatment, then head to Narayana Health Group in Bellary that offers the best pulmonologists. Pulmonologists also work in tandem with ENTs and bariatric surgeons. Some of the common disorders treated by our team of experts are asthma, bronchiectasis, bronchitis (which happens when you have inflamed lower airways), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which causes an airflow blockage, emphysema, which happens when the alveoli in your lungs are damaged, interstitial lung diseases, which affect the space and tissue within the lung and so forth. Narayana Health Group is also among the top pulmonology hospitals. If you are looking for an appointment with us, please give us a call or schedule an online appointment.