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Pediatrics is the branch of medicine focusing on the health and medical care of infants, children, and adolescents from birth up to the age of 18. A pediatrician provides and manages not only the medical care for your children but also their mental and emotional well-being at every stage of their development. Pediatricians aims to decrease the rate of infant and child mortality, control the spread of infectious diseases and promote a healthy lifestyle among children. They diagnose and treat conditions like infections, injuries, genetic and congenital conditions, functional disabilities, mental disorders, among many others, in children. If you are looking for specialized and the best pediatrics available for your children, head to the best child hospital in Bellary ? Narayana Health. The pediatric department is renowned for its excellent diagnostics and management of diseases in children, from neonates to adolescents. Our expertise in pediatric cardiology and pediatric cardio surgery has earned us the reputation of the best children?s hospital in India. The department offers treatment in specialties like neonatology, neurology, genetics, oncology, rheumatolo, nephrology, hematology, etc. Our Child Guidance Clinic provides specialized treatment by a multi-disciplinary team of neurologists, psychiatrists and psychologists. The child specialty clinic also provides training and guidance to caretakers.
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