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Neurology focuses on the nervous system disorders, including the brain, blood vessels, muscles and nerves. The main neurology areas are the autonomic, central and peripheral nervous systems. A physician who works in this field is called a neurologist. Some neurologists even focus on other specialization areas of neurology like clinical neurophysiology, epilepsy, interventional neurology, behavioural neurology and so forth. Neurological disorders can affect infants and adults. Today all these can be treated, thanks to the advancements in neurology. A neurologist can diagnose and treat neurological disorders. The best neurologist will first determine if there exists a problem in the nervous system. This is followed by a review of a patient?s health history and then a neurological evaluation to assess the function of cranial nerves, coordination, etc. Narayana Health is a top hospital in Bellary that offers specialized treatment for neurological ailments. The hospital offers comprehensive packages for epileptic care services, cerebral stroke programmes including autism, learning disabilities, chronic tension, meningitis, sleep apnoea, Parkinson?s disease, etc. Additionally, the hospital also offers interventional neurology that uses minimally invasive and image-based technologies procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of blood vessels of brain and spinal cord (neurovascular diseases). Neuro rehabilitation is also offered to rehabilitate patients with neurological/spinal injuries or disorders into mainstream life.
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