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Anesthesia is a condition of reversible unconsciousness developed by using medicine called anesthetics that suppresses the central nervous system to block pain during a surgery, dentistry or other medical procedures. A patient under the effects of anesthetic drugs is referred to as being anesthetized. Anesthesia is generally categorized into general anesthesia, regional anesthesia and local anesthesia. Anesthesiologists provide airway management, cardiac and pulmonary resuscitation and advanced life support and pain control for patients. Critical care or intensive care is provided by specialized experts for patients suffering from life-threatening illnesses. These experts include physiotherapists, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, nurses and many others, usually in an intensive care unit (ICU) or trauma center. Many reputed hospitals offer anaesthesia and critical care for patients. Narayana Hospitals is among the top healthcare service providers in Bellary that offers the best anaesthesia and critical care for patients. The hospital offers 24/7 care and monitoring for cases like haemodynamic instability (hypertension/ hypotension), airway or respiratory compromise (such as ventilator support), acute renal failure, potentially lethal cardiac arrhythmias, the cumulative effects of multiple organ system failure, or even in the crucial hours after major surgeries when the patient is deemed too unstable to transfer to a less intensively monitored unit.
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