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Narayana Health Group's presence in Bangalore is marked by innovative healthcare interventions and an able team of medical professionals. Some of the best doctors in Bangalore can be found in the group's hospitals. The collective experience and qualification of these doctors have raised the bar of healthcare in Bangalore. The talented group of doctors are responsible for planning the right course of treatment for a number of specialities including acute cardiac emergencies, including primary angioplasty and critical care management. These are the top doctors in Bangalore, expert in treating all sorts of cases, especially paediatric and adult cardiac ones. Get an appointment with your preferred doctor at your chosen time.
A number of factors play a role when you’re planning to choose the right doctor for your health needs. It’s definitely not an easy task, especially in situations where you’re in a new city and have to find the right specialist. Having a few key points in mind before you go out on a search can help save your precious time and efforts and refine your search.
When it comes to doctors, trust is a very important factor. When you’re choosing a doctor, you should be able to trust them with the fact that they will help you
  • Stay healthy by taking the necessary steps, tests, and precautions
  • Treat whatever health problems you have to deal with
  • Refer you to the right specialist for your varied health needs
You’ve to understand that both you and your doctor work together as a team. Some of the aspects you should be looking for in your doctor are:
  • Polite behaviour
  • A genuine interest in your health
  • Patience in explaining complex medical concepts to you
  • Trying to understand your point of view
We at Narayana Health Group choose and groom our doctors very carefully so that they can grow to be health partners in your recovery journey. If you’re looking for the best doctors in Bangalore, then you can have a look at our list of health professionals below. Our aim is to help you find the best doctor in Bangalore suited to your health needs.
You can choose from any of the doctors in Bangalore from the list below and book an appointment.

Healthcare is of utmost importance, especially, during the trying times of pandemic. We at Narayana Health Group are committed to bringing top-notch healthcare services to the common man’s fingertips. Scheduling appointments with our doctors in Bangalore have never been this easy, quick, and seamless. We take a holistic approach while offering healthcare services. At Narayana Health Group, you can find a specialist in cardiology, oncology, neurology, gastroenterology, gynecology, and several other specializations under one roof. Do schedule appointments from the convenience of your home and get a chance to consult with our best doctors in Bangalore at Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Narayana Multispeciality Clinic, and Mazumdar Shaw Medical Centre.