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Speech and swallow rehabilitation therapy is a speciality that deals with the evaluation and treatment of disorders of speech, language, voice, articulation stuttering and swallowing disorders and difficulties for patients of all age groups. These disorders affect those suffering from neurological conditions like stroke, brain trauma, Parkinson’s diseases, multiple sclerosis, other conditions due to aging, cancer, infections, birth anomalies in children and swallowing disorders like dysphagia and aspiration. The speech therapist evaluates the condition of the patient and suggests a technique or combination of techniques based on the need. Some of the techniques used are language therapy, cognitive retaining for memory and attention, computer-aided speech communication, swallowing therapy, voice improvement, family and patient education. The duration and frequency of treatment varies for each person and is determined by a speech-language pathologist. Narayana Health Group has a highly experienced team of speech pathologists and technologically advanced instrumentation to assess and provide treatment for speech and swallowing disorders. The speech therapy department at NH is considered to be the best in Bangalore for such services. NH also offers social initiatives like free speech and hearing camps, public awareness campaigns like World Voice Day, Cancer survivors day and holds scientific presentations at both national and international forums.