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Physiotherapy is a specialized field in healthcare that aims to help individuals with functional limitations in mobility mainly brought about by musculo-skeletal issues. The aim of physiotherapy is to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functionality in patients. Functional movement is the essence of a healthy life. When movement and function is threatened by aging, injury, trauma or diseases and other environmental factors, physiotherapy and rehabilitation comes to play. Physiotherapy maximizes movement potential by promotion, prevention, treatment, habilitation and rehabilitation. This encompasses physical, psychological, social and emotional well-being. In physiotherapy, there is the interaction between the physical therapist, patient, families and other healthcare professionals where movement potential is assessed and intervention is decided upon. Physiotherapists help patients with undertaking a comprehensive examination, evaluate the findings of the examination, formulate a diagnosis, prognosis and plan, provide consultation within their expertise or by referral to healthcare specialists, implementing a treatment programs and determining the outcome and also make recommendations for self- management. The expert team of physiotherapies at Narayana Health Group work closely with medical specialists to help patients after surgeries making it one of the best physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation hospital in Bangalore. The department of Physiotherapy and rehabilitation is dedicated to maximizing the quality of life in patients.