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Palliative care is the end of life care given to patients with serious and life-threatening medical conditions like cancer. It is also known as comfort car, supportive care and symptom management. As it treats not just the disease but the patient as a whole, addressing all their needs. Patients are given palliative care at hospitals, outpatient clinics, at a long-term care facility or at home under the guidance of a doctor. It prepares them to face changes that may occur near the end of life, helps them cope with emotional and mental issues and provides to family members. Pain in cancer patients with advanced disease has a prevalence of 75%. There is a need to identify the right component of pain that prevails so that optimal choice of intervention can be given to patients. Pharmacological intervention is the prime modality of pain management in conjunction with the patient’s primary issue and underlying co-morbidities. Therefore it is mandatory to anticipate and address concerns of pain very early in to the disease. With an experienced and dedicated team of caregivers who provide appropriate and efficient pain management services for oncology patients, Narayana Health Group is considered to be the best pain and palliative cancer hospital in Bangalore. Pain is the most common and distressing symptom of cancer and patients who suffer from immense pain are identified quickly and treated effectively. A holistic approach is adopted by catering to patients’ psychological, social, spiritual and occupational needs.