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Paediatric nephrology includes the diagnosis and management of renal diseases in children from infancy to adolescence. It is associated with the chronic and acute diseases that affect the renal function, blood pressure and electrolyte balance in children. This division of medicine is committed to performing research to improve treatment and outcome in children with advanced kidney diseases, to help them lead a near to normal life. Kidney disorders in children are very different from those of adults and therefore require different mode of management. If not handled effectively, it can affect their social and emotional life. Children should be approached with a more comprehensive and compassionate approach. The paediatric nephrologists at Narayana health NH, are considered some of the top specialists in the field of kidney disorders, in Bangalore. They are dedicated and experienced and strive to provide the right diagnosis, care and treatment for any simple or complex paediatric nephrological disorders. Their expertise is backed by well-trained medical staff, medical equipment and modern facilities. Kidney disorders can be congenital such as hydronephrosis or an obstruction to urinary tract or those that are acquired like kidney stones, urinary tract infection, renal failure and other medical issues. Give your children the best possible care they deserve at the hands of our specialists.